8 Coupon Tips that Will Help You Save Money

With today’s economics coupons are becoming used more and more. Extreme couponing may be a little over the top for some, but the information that is offered is still valuable whether you are obsessed with it, or just use it to save a little pocket money.

The Sunday Newspaper

The Sunday paper is generally the first place a person will start with their clipping coupons. Very often it is where they will also stop. If this is as far as you go, consider some facts. You may not buy the brand(s) that you have coupons for but think about substituting brands. Using a different brand for a week may not be such a bad idea especially if it is a brand you have never tried before.

Customer Cards

Almost all supermarkets use customer cards which a great method of getting money off from your total bill. You may find that some of the deals can be obtained only if you possess one of the store cards. Should you be making a large purchase this method can really work for you, without having to clip or print coupons.

Clearance Item Shelves

Clearance item shelves can prove to be another good stop to make. Most items on the shelves are ‘going out of season’ items. You may find incredibly good sales and luck perusing through the aisles.

Expiration Dates

Though you may find primarily going out of season items, chances are these items will still have a strong expiration date. Something to look out for regarding expiration dates would be for edible items. Meat and other foods may be put out on a clearance shelf should the item be nearing its expiration date. Often you can find coupons that will go along with these items to hasten the sale.

Cereals Save You Money

Often search engines will find and supply online coupons for the products. One of the most common examples of this is for breakfast cereals. You can find that the various engines will offer coupons for best -selling cereals, and because this is a staple food for billions of people, there is always a steady supply of coupons.

Not Just for Food

Coupons can be found for other items such as clothing. In fact, just about anything, so if you think they are just for a loaf of bread or some washing powder, think again!

Coupons are wonderful money saving tips and the internet; your newspaper and clearance racks make good sense as well. It is a great way to save money for large families. It also saves a great deal for the empty nester as well. The empty nester may have to buy in a slightly larger bulk than usual but that can save on trips to the store.

Warehouse Stores

Warehouse stores are also likely to save you money by buying through bulk. If the amount of merchandise you buy is more than what you have room or need for, find a partner and split the cost and merchandise with them.

Running from store to store is no longer a reasonable way to get the better prices. With the availability of coupons for every store, you can make 1 or 2 stops at your regular stores and just be sure to carry your coupons.

Organizing your Coupons

Organize your coupons by product and dates. Keep your eyes open to the expiration date. You will find some good to use sooner or later when it comes to expiration dates.

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NoMoreRack: A Flash Deals Website Soon to Become an eCommerce Site!

Today I decided to talk to you about NoMoreRack, one of my favorite online shopping sites. Whenever I want to buy something online for me or for my family, this is among the first places I visit.

A while back, I caught up with NoMoreRack, a N.Y.-based flash deal website which, unlike most similar sites in the online environment, is not really relying on fashion or luxury items. Instead, NoMoreRack provides everyday items at cheap rates – an average of 70 – 80% off anything you can imagine from clothing to electronics – in a struggle to become the new Target or Walmart on the market.

Although there has been plenty of consolidation when flash deal sites are concerned in the past few months, this newcomer has only been moving forward. In July 2012, NoMoreRack reached 4.500.000 subscribers, did $46.000.000 in revenue from selling around 8.000 products each day during the first 2 quarters of the year. At the end of 2012, the brand grown to 7.000.000 users per month, almost 6.000.000 from which were subscribers. At that time, NoMoreRack was selling around 40.000 of product each day and its revenue was around $80.000.000.


Thanks to this huge development, the brand was announcing that it has managed to close a $12.000.000 series. Oak Investment Partners`s partner, Ifty Ahmed, joined NoMoreRack`s board. With the new capital, the brand managed to add new staff and continued to scale its operations.

But how NoMoreRack really worked? The company provided an average of 9 important deals each day, offering these cheap products to visitors at the top of the site – along with plenty of other items. All sales generally started in the morning and ended every night. Although most of these offers didn`t lasted more than one single day, NoMoreRack has managed to expand to provide even more “hot deals,” which eventually turned into longer-term “events,” with various durations of 3 to 4 days. It sounded like flash deals, but the brand`s founders always said that the main goal of their company was to eventually become an eCommerce website.

At the beginning of 2013, NoMoreRack relocated to New York City and tried to move away from its original spotty reputation. The website struggled to manage discounted items, maintain client service and quality in purchasing overstock. A simple search engine query will most likely show you that clients haven`t always been amazed with dealing with NoMoreRack.

There were a lot of complaints regarding poor quality in brand`s products, but also damaged items or cancelled orders. To their credit, NMR`s owners managed to deal with most of these complaints and also moved forward. After the website got client complaints when originally posted an auction with penny sales, it was shut down pretty fast in an attempt to repair its reputation. At that point, NoMoreRack`s founders told us that 70% from the whole revenue came from repeat purchasers, a bit suspicious if you ask me.

Even so, the website now provides refunds and a thirty-day period of time to return products if customers are not satisfied with what they receive. It is really great to keep this in mind, and with the speed of development NMR is seeing, seems like this new-to-become-eCommerce website will probably be around for a little while.

This articles has been published courtesy Richard Nelson. He is the owner of NoMoreRackYes, a site about scams, reviews and promotional deals released by NoMoreRack.

Mikey Bear’s Big Day

Okay, a quick note, and then we will move on to Mikey Bear’s Big Day.

I used to hate reality television. It’s easy to do, like hating country. It’s popular, like hating country as well. (For the record, I used to hate country. Mommy Bear turned me around on that, and I am glad for it.) Anyway, point is, yes, I used to hate reality TV. But Mommy Bear forced me to watch a few select shows with her, and I learned something. Some reality shows focus on something other than grown people bickering like ill-tempered children. But if you refuse to watch any of it, and stonewall the whole bunch, well, you just might miss something. Like tonight, on the premiere of America’s Got Talent. This show has had its compelling moments in the past, yes. But the last act up… Mommy Bear actually got goosebumps. 3 kids who started singing for their mother who was hospitalized by a drunk driver and in a coma. They soon moved on to the rest of the hospital. Their mother came out of the coma with cognitive function, after 8 months. A little research will show you that this almost never happens. But happy stories aside, the children began to sing God Bless America. And it was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. That moment will stick with me for a loooong time, and I would never have seen it if I had kept up my prejudiced refusal of all tv that is “reality.” Also, I would have missed the Hasselhoff song.

Whew, that was longer than I meant it to be. Oh well, on to Mikey Bear! He has been having so much fun helping Mommy Bear play the crane machines at the supermarket that we decided a trip to the arcade was in order.


He loved the motorcycle game,


and the car racing game was even better.


But if you pay close attention to A) Where his hands are, and B) Where he is headed in this one, you will see why contemplating just how many years must pass before he hits 16 gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Then, ice cream. Considering that (ba)nana was his third word, right after Mom mom and Daddad, banana pudding seemed like a natural fit for Mikey.


Of course, he did have to try Daddy Bear’s. I guess we have to work on his cone technique a bit, yet.


But he helped clean up afterwards, so that is good. Also, note the toys he won with tickets; his first ever!

Spotted Box Time Again

Our Spotted Box arrived last week. Instead of posting just a line or two on each individual item, we wanted to showcase some of our favorites. Click on the each item link to be directed to the shop where items are offered.

Starting things off is a cute hair clip. It is a simple orange flower that even adults can wear. The well made clip is perfect for summer, but the colors wouldn’t be out of place for fall either.

Just when you thought your little angel could not be any cuter, here comes this bracelet. It fits Melly Bear perfect and she absolutely loves it because she already thinks she is a little princess.

Then we have a very cool melon scented soy wax tart. It smelled so good that Daddy Bear wanted to eat it. I will have to keep an eye on him when we light it so he doesn’t burn himself.

Next up is an adorable boo boo pack. It is a very cute handsewn pack filled with rice which is kept in the freezer. When your little one gets a boo boo, you can use it to soothe their pain. It will get plenty of use around this household.

We also received some strawberry shortcake scented bath salt. What I particularly liked about this sample is the generous portion. It is easily several baths worth

I was so excited about the 2 by 2 boutique gift certificate. We ordered Mikey Bear a pair of shoes. The shop owner is so sweet and very helpful. We can’t wait to get the shoes and promise to post pictures of Mikey Bear sporting them.


And last of all the Bear Bunch‘s own best of the box. We choose an ice cream shaped, orange flavored sucker tucked inside an adorable magnet picture frame with an ice cream theme. It is a perfect collaboration between two shops. Daddy Bear snatched up the sucker quick but eventually Mikey Bear stole it from him. Both of them seem to agree that it was delicious.

And that was some of our personal favorites but the whole box was great. Be sure to check out TheSpottedBox.com to learn all about the box and to get your very own box in July. It is definitely worth it. You won’t find my samples in the box for July but be on the lookout for my samples in the August box!

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